I love Crunchy Moms!



Hello again, it’s been awhile. I’ve been struggling with life lol I’m not really sure what’s been wrong, I just haven’t had the motivation or energy to do anything, even after browsing Pinterest for an hour which usually does the trick. Do you ever feel like you are just not a good mommy? I mean I’m sure everybody does but I feel so alone in it sometimes.

Right now my daughter is in daycare and I am sitting home on the couch writing this. My work schedule varies so we need to put her in daycare but days like this, when I am not working, I feel really bad about leaving her there. I feel even worse when I feel like I haven’t done anything productive with the day. Why are we so hard on ourselves?

Instagram, Facebook, Bloglovin, Pinterest…maybe these are why I get down on myself. I often catch myself comparing my life to other moms’ lives, or their online lives at least. I try to remember that people post the best of their lives on there for the most part and who knows what else is going on but it definitely doesn’t seem to help my mommy guilt.

Are you Crunchy?

Crunchy Moms, have you heard this term? I read it in a blog some time ago, probably on Modern Mom or The Stir, and I must say, I want to be a crunchy mom! They are my idea of a Supermom. I follow a couple moms that definitely match the description on all these sites that I visit daily and they are like, super fairy hippie mommies (yeah fairy doesn’t really mean anything here I guess, that’s just what I associate in my head with their wonderful feminine mommy awesomeness). So cool, collected, creative, healthy, active, thoughtful, eco-conscious, and just all-around, well, awesome.

I feel like just screaming “at least it’s Earth’s Best, it’s not that bad”

I always feel like there is one judging me somewhere, like as I am checking out at the supermarket with a bunch of Lean Cuisines and packaged baby food, I feel like just screaming “at least it’s Earth’s Best, it’s not that bad” in a general defense. In reality I bet they wouldn’t even be judging me, they would probably just feel bad that my baby has such an unenlightened slacker-mom. Again this is just my own mommy guilt that I put on myself.

So today, that’s it! After I am done posting this, and after another cup of coffee, I am going to attempt to become more of the mom I want to be. Pictures and blogs don’t tell the whole story but they do tell me enough to know that there are things I can change and do better for my daughter. Whether I turn out to be a Crunchy Mom, a Posh Mom, an Alpha Mom, a Soccer Mom, or whatever else, I’ve been inspired to define, for myself, what kind of mom I am going to be. I know one thing, I absolutely will not allow myself to be a just Get-Through-The-Day mom. I’ll keep you updated on my progress and if you decide to do the same please keep me updated on yours! TheMomMeBlog@gmail.com