Haters can hate, but Netflix is ‘thrilled’ with ‘Arrested’

I ❤ Arrested Development

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Between the mixed reviews of the new “Arrested Development” episodes and Netflix’s past dancing around the topic, the chance of more episodes arriving didn’t seem too likely.

But in fact, Netflix, which unleashed a 15-episode fourth season of “Arrested” to a deprived Internet on Sunday, has said that a fifth season isn’t out of the question.

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So…ready for #2?

Not sure if I am ready for this, I feel like my belly button just went back in from the last time! lol

Not sure if I am ready for this again, I feel like my belly button just went back in from the last time! lol

Ready for number 2? We all know what that means. People start asking that as soon as you pop the first one out and honestly after my baby girl I didn’t think I would ever be ready again. We talked about it for a whole year, how we were totally fine with having an only child. We weighed all the pros and cons and were set and happy with our decision. Originally we both wanted more but that was before the pregnancy and the breast feeding, and the all nighters which lead to terribly cranky mornings. But here we are, looking at new cars and pricing out the extra diapers.

I seriously never thought this day would come. I had the suspicion that all mothers at some point must forget everything they went through otherwise why would anybody ever have more than one kid but now I find that is not the case, at least not the case at this moment for me. I remember all of it, the morning sickness, the weight gain, heart burn, stretch marks, and no alcohol but I’m wanting to do it again none the less. I have never loved somebody so much.

My baby girl is a hand full and, at times, in the nicest possible way, an inconvenience but she is the most amazing thing I have ever been a part of. I am her mother and I am responsible for helping make her life everything she wants it to be but really she has been doing that for me. She forced me to put everything into perspective and to figure out what I really want and what is really important. Every day I love her more, I take 100 pictures a day, and everything she does is amazing. I get to see things anew through her and experience life again through her. I want to be better for her because she is everything to me. So why wouldn’t I want to have number 2 and let her have a partner in crime, let us take 200 pictures a day, and watch them grow up to be best friends?

What’s hard is I have found I can make a very persuasive argument either way. I really don’t know how I will feel when it actually happens, and I don’t think I will have any idea until it does. My daughter wasn’t planned, I definitely didn’t think I was ready for a baby or a serious relationship but here we are, we are a family and wouldn’t have it any other way. It turned out to be absolutely perfect timing, or maybe having a baby just forces you to find the path in life that makes it perfect timing. So I guess, my answer to “are you ready for number two?” is no, I’m not, but I can’t imagine a better time.

Baby Sister

I love this. We are thinking about baby number two and this just reminds me of how much it will mean to our daughter and how fun it will be to have her around while I’m am pregnant to share the experience.

Mama. Papa. Bubba.

While having a little snuggle in G’s bed after her nap today…

Gracen: Mama, can I please have a baby sister?

Mama: Maybe one day, baby girl.  Would you like to have a baby sister?

Gracen: Yes.  I would play with her.  And I would share with her.  And I would craft with her – little itty bitty crafties.  And I would sleep with her.  And I would eat treats with her!


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I love Crunchy Moms!



Hello again, it’s been awhile. I’ve been struggling with life lol I’m not really sure what’s been wrong, I just haven’t had the motivation or energy to do anything, even after browsing Pinterest for an hour which usually does the trick. Do you ever feel like you are just not a good mommy? I mean I’m sure everybody does but I feel so alone in it sometimes.

Right now my daughter is in daycare and I am sitting home on the couch writing this. My work schedule varies so we need to put her in daycare but days like this, when I am not working, I feel really bad about leaving her there. I feel even worse when I feel like I haven’t done anything productive with the day. Why are we so hard on ourselves?

Instagram, Facebook, Bloglovin, Pinterest…maybe these are why I get down on myself. I often catch myself comparing my life to other moms’ lives, or their online lives at least. I try to remember that people post the best of their lives on there for the most part and who knows what else is going on but it definitely doesn’t seem to help my mommy guilt.

Are you Crunchy?

Crunchy Moms, have you heard this term? I read it in a blog some time ago, probably on Modern Mom or The Stir, and I must say, I want to be a crunchy mom! They are my idea of a Supermom. I follow a couple moms that definitely match the description on all these sites that I visit daily and they are like, super fairy hippie mommies (yeah fairy doesn’t really mean anything here I guess, that’s just what I associate in my head with their wonderful feminine mommy awesomeness). So cool, collected, creative, healthy, active, thoughtful, eco-conscious, and just all-around, well, awesome.

I feel like just screaming “at least it’s Earth’s Best, it’s not that bad”

I always feel like there is one judging me somewhere, like as I am checking out at the supermarket with a bunch of Lean Cuisines and packaged baby food, I feel like just screaming “at least it’s Earth’s Best, it’s not that bad” in a general defense. In reality I bet they wouldn’t even be judging me, they would probably just feel bad that my baby has such an unenlightened slacker-mom. Again this is just my own mommy guilt that I put on myself.

So today, that’s it! After I am done posting this, and after another cup of coffee, I am going to attempt to become more of the mom I want to be. Pictures and blogs don’t tell the whole story but they do tell me enough to know that there are things I can change and do better for my daughter. Whether I turn out to be a Crunchy Mom, a Posh Mom, an Alpha Mom, a Soccer Mom, or whatever else, I’ve been inspired to define, for myself, what kind of mom I am going to be. I know one thing, I absolutely will not allow myself to be a just Get-Through-The-Day mom. I’ll keep you updated on my progress and if you decide to do the same please keep me updated on yours! TheMomMeBlog@gmail.com

The First Post

Okay, so I have been thinking about doing this for awhile, starting a blog, but who has the time right. I’m 27 years old, I am engaged to my daughter’s father, he’s 24, and my daughter is almost 17 months old. The pregnancy was very surprising and very unplanned but we’ll get to that later. Right now I am just going to tell you about why I am starting a blog.

My pregnancy was hard for many reasons, extreme morning sickness until about 18 weeks being one of them, but the hardest was keeping, or rather, finding myself throughout those 9 months. Of course, I had all the “normal” new parent anxieties and questions which I calmed by reading/Googling/watching everything about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and the first year. With knowledge comes calm for me, the more I knew the more I felt in control. So I knew everything about the little peanut growing inside of me but I somehow lost myself, I didn’t know myself. Then I started thinking whether I really even did before my pregnancy.

Who was I before? I had quite smoking on New Year’s, so a few months prior to my pregnancy and I had eased up on partying and was actually working out 5-6 days a week, so I was in good shape…huh, maybe that’s why my body decided that was the time. Anyway, I had kept myself busy those months prior, being healthy but that was very unlike the me of the prior decade.

I grew up in the South Florida party scene. I had an older boyfriend and older friends. I was impulsive and ended up blowing off a full scholarship to university in order to go model in Milan, Italy, which I did. I then came back, waited tables at various restaurants, and then took off to teach English in Phuket, Thailand for a few months. That was followed by a short stay in Brussels, Belgium modeling and then back home.

Having the desire to travel but never having the funds to do so really opened my eyes to the other options that are out there, so I became a flight attendant for a charter airline and was incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to travel the world for a year and a half, before I changed my mind again.

This goes on for, like I said, a whole decade. Let’s see…I was also a bank teller, a gym manager, a Starbucks Barista, a telemarketer, a cocktail waitress at a gentleman’s club, a summer secretary at a high school, I did emergency room registration and insurance verification in a trauma center, hourly house cleaning, hmmm a bartender, a hostess,  oh and modeled in Europe and Miami and I think that about covers everything. The point is I really didn’t have any idea what I wanted to do and pretty much just partied around the world…most of those jobs were really just funded partying.

So back to the year of growing my peanut. I had decided to straighten out and go back to school, yep that’s how I ended up with a 24 year old fiancé 😉 I figured while I was there I might as well get the full college experience which included dating a douche bag and playing beer pong, a lot. Don’t worry he knows I call him a douche bag, back then he really was! Remind me to tell you about the ridiculously awesome man and father that douche bag has turned into, it’s really something!

Fast forward through the college drama to our unexpected pregnancy and weeks of bedrest…I was a mess. I was questioning our relationship of course, I’m sure that happens with a lot of unplanned pregnancies. I was alone in bed, missing classes, losing weight, freaking out about what I was going to do next, then I realized I had no idea what I was going to do next. I mean I guess I really had no idea even before the pregnancy, I was just doing what I thought I needed to do to “straighten out” but I had put no thought into what that really meant. Then I realized that if I was going to raise this litte munchkin, whether it be with him or by myself, I needed to get my shit together, actually together.

So getting my shit together, that’s what this blog is about. It’s how I went from party girl to baby girl and found myself somewhere along the way and the continued struggle with the balance between being a mom and finding time for being me. Typing it out and sharing helps me figure it out and helps keep me sane 😉